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Metaphysical Exercise

Intense exercise and sound nutrition is the one-two punch for good health.

Exercise or activity is the best way to stay healthy..

Exercise is the single most important component of a healthy diet.

Those who exercise are healthier than those who don’t.

This program recommends natural methods to minimize the pain and inflammation that result from exercise.

Athletes are always looking for an edge. And if there were one, it would be in preventing injury and speeding recovery.

Athletes are mistaken if they think pharmaceutical drugs is the best method to repress inflammation.

The following pages will review a more natural approach to pain-relief; the use of exercise itself to relieve pain.

These programs share one common trait; they were all developed by non-medically trained athletes.

Their inventors were functional anatomists, kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, biochemists and even a voice coach.

They each developed their own, unique methodology based on natural posture and functional movement. 

Exercise healers base their therapy, not on biomolecular reactions as medical doctors do, but on common sense.

They don’t treat muscle pain as a series of inflammatory reactions involving prostanoids, free radicals and cyclooxygenase enzymes.

Instead they treat muscle pain as a failure to maintain and support the skeleton in its normal, upright position.

To reverse this stress, they created a series of exercises that strengthen the muscles that help athletes resist the force of gravity and maintain proper posture. These exercises stimulate the full spectrum of muscles supporting the spine.

I fully embrace their approach and highly recommend these innovative training regimens. These Healers should be commended for the enormous contribution they have made to the library of medical knowledge.



During exercise, the body is exposed to a level of stress that has no equal in life. To illustrate how extreme this internal condition is, consider that a very high fever of 105 degrees, a point where the core temperature is near death, increase the body’s metabolism by 100 per cent above normal. By comparison, during a marathon, an athlete’s metabolic rate climbs to an astounding 2000 percent of normal.

Exercise is physical activity that strengthens the body and maintains fitness. Regular aerobic exercise strengthens the oxygen delivery or cardiopulmonary system of athletes.  Intense exercise increases their level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), thus increasing the desirable carrier of cholesterol. 

Exercise over time, lowers blood pressure and promotes health.

The body responds and adapts to intense and daily exercise through a combination of cellular, sub-cellular and molecular events.  There is a biochemical interrelationship between energy metabolism and oxygen delivery.

Exercise also requires the removal of metabolic waste products and the dissipation of heat. The adaptations made by an athlete’s biological system in response to improve performance, speeds recovery and prevents disease. By a combination of nutrition, conditioning and good genetics, athletes can remain younger and healthier, longer. In addition, the use of self-correcting forces through a program of self-healing exercises can relieve pain.

The programs that are described in the following pages are all excellent exercise regimens. The choice of one over another is a matter of specific conditions in the athlete. These exercise are a form of medical treatment.  Their review is intended as an introduction for athletes. Those who are interested in any of the program should consult with their doctor or medical caregiver.


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